Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Treats

Learning how to show love has been a process for me.
I had a cold reputation in high school. At my senior prom, all my guy friends dedicated a song to me- It was certainly not a compliment as the dedication was announced and the speakers boomed out the beat from Bon Jovi of "You Give Love A Bad Name".
In an effort to progress from a cold beginning toward love, on Valentine's Day- and throughout the year, I speak my love through the foods I make. Hopefully my family has learned to "feel the love."
I assume you've already figured out how to mix and match my recipes to create a lot of love this Valentine's Day. If not, give one of these a try-

This is a classic love note-

made by mixing this with this frosting

These says we make a great pair-

made by mixing this frosting with this - I ommitted the chocolate chips and rolled out the dough on a lightly floured surface before cutting.

These says "Be Mine"

made by mixing this with this frosting

These says "Luv u"

made by mixing this with this topping

These say “I’m Yours”

made by varrying this by gently rolling the "dough" and using a heart shaped cookie cutter

So choose your message. Share some love, but don't "play your game...(and) give love a bad name."

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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