Monday, December 20, 2010

Chocolate Cake

A day or two before B was to arrive home from school for Christmas break; I asked him if he had any special requests for meals. His reply- “Anything. . . Everything!. . . Oh yeah, can you make that chocolate cake?”
He has not stopped eating since he has been home. And I knew just the chocolate cake he was talking about. It’s a little lighter than the one I posted last week, but very similar.

Begin by making a devil’s food cake mix as directed, or make Yummy In My Tummy Chocolate Cake, omitting the chocolate chips.
Let cake cool completely. Mix together 2 small packages of instant chocolate pudding mix with 2 cups milk (Skim to Half and Half—you choose). Fold in 16 oz. Cool Whip.
To assemble cake, cut into half, length wise. If using two rounds as I did, cut each one so you have four thin rounds. Place one round onto the serving plate. Spread a layer of chocolate cream on top. Repeat with cake and cream, until all layers are on the cake, and end with cream on top. Use remaining cream to “frost” the sides.
Chill cake for several hours. I like to drizzle the top with chocolate glaze. B prefers his cake glaze free so I just served individual pieces with warm glaze.

B has been home for a few days now. It’s been fun to see his friends again, whom scarcely visited while he was at school. It’s nice to see Y with a perma-grin, happy to be riding shotgun again. Now, the late night giggles from the kitchen do make me wonder what they’re up to, but I simply drift to sleep with no worries and the peace of all being under the same roof again.
This cake truly says, “Welcome home B-Oh how we missed you!”

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