Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nutter Butter Balls

Don’t stop with the Oreos!!
Y informed me last night he was ready for more chores to be compensated by Oreo Balls. Y’s stats are that he is pushing 5’11”, but just over 125 lbs. Oreo Balls seem like they won’t do much for him as far as building muscle fibers. I watched a news segment the other day about what to feed underweight kids. The answer: peanut butter.
So, let’s use the same idea behind what makes Oreo Balls so irresistible, but pack a little more protein in them:

Nutter Butter Balls

1 16 oz. package Nutter Butter Cookies
8 oz. cream cheese
Melting chocolates
Chopped peanuts, if desired.

Crush Nutter Butters. Add softened cream cheese. Mix well. I prefer the food processor for both of these jobs. It takes less than a minute each. Roll into 1 inch- balls. Chill thoroughly. Dip into melted chocolate. Drizzle with additional chocolate or top with chopped peanuts. Serve chilled.

After I mixed and formed my Nutter Butter balls, I had a decision as to how to spend my time while I waited for them to chill enough to dip into chocolate. The temps outside are a balmy 45 degrees, and my car desperately needs to be washed. My closet is a disaster with 3 different sizes of clothes sharing prime reachable space. (Yes, the treadmill being broken has caught up with me.) But I was delighted with the third option. My older sister called just as I was headed for the bucket and soap. I sat on my sofa, and visually got lost in the Christmas tree lights. We chatted about Christmas season plans, jobs, kids, and memories. Did my chat make me miss being “home” for Christmas a little more? Perhaps. But more than anything, it lifted my spirits and reminded me of how blessed I am. I’m grateful all of my kids will be home for Christmas this year, and how privileged we are that everyone is happy and healthy. I truly have great reason for gratitude and pray for an increased desire to pay it forward—immersing myself in the true reason for the season.

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