Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oreo Balls

A friend brought us a plate of these the other day. I went seeking them out the next day- couldn't find them anywhere. I texted Y while he was at school because clearly this was an emergency. He responds, and I learn that he had hid them from me --on purpose to keep them all for himself. Later I find the container they were delivered in empty with a note throwing me off course of the actual location.
So -a treat that good? That Y would go to great lengths to claim them all for himself? And I- a fairly reasonable individual would spend so much effort trying to track them down, even compromising my son’s education?
I failed in my quest, so decided to make my own:

Oreo Balls

18oz package of Oreos
8oz. Cream cheese
Melting chocolates.
Sprinkles, if desired.

Crush Oreos. Add softened cream cheese. Mix well. I prefer the food processor for both of these jobs. It takes less than a minute each. Roll into 1 inch- balls. Chill thoroughly. Dip into melted chocolate. Drizzle with additional chocolate or top with sprinkles. Serve chilled.

Today my husband will participate in "goodie day" at work with some fancy looking- simple to make Oreo balls. Since Y has eaten all of the delivered treats, maybe I can convince him to do a few extra chores in exchange for a (few) of these delectable morsels.


  1. Oh my goodness. These Rock! I was a participant in "goodie day" and the recipient of one of these delectible morsels. These will be on my table for Christmas deserts for sure. You are blessed with such bakery skills (previously tasted all your killer brownies). I can't believe you just figured out how to make them. thank you!