Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lemon Cake

Today, I made lemon cake represented differently when baked in a 15x10 jelly roll baking pan. This is actually the way I prefer it. I think it is most moist, and perfect for snacking and sharing.

It has me thinking about presentation and representation.
I’m also thinking about a question asked of the congregation at church today. The question was; “Is your Christmas Christ centered?”
This question caused me a bit of reflection over the past few weeks when I was asked by someone for some help. I provided a listening ear, gave some unsolicited advice, but was slow to jump in with both feet to really help out. I felt bad about my selfishness for days. Several days after that, I was asked to help out with something even less convenient. I didn’t want that lingering feeling of regret, so without hesitation, I agreed and did my best to assist. Its amazing how much better I felt.
As I think about Christ- I think about the selfless life he led. If He were to return tomorrow, what would He find me doing? I’m grateful for my re-focus of what I want this season to represent in my home, and in my heart.
May you all enjoy this Christmas season, and everything it represents!

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