Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Ghost Brownies

No one has carved a pumpkin at my house this year. In fact, no one has bought them yet, or gone to a “patch” to pick one out. Sadly, no one here has even asked if we are going to get a pumpkin or two. I have failed as a Halloween parent ;(
But I don’t understand why. Although I’m not much into dressing up- (I would if someone just gave me the costume to wear- it’s the thinking about what to wear that derails me). I love Halloween.
Growing up in our small Iowa town, we managed our own back yard garden, our elderly neighbor’s plot and a ¼ acre lot across town. This gave us plenty of space to grow everyone’s favorite fruits and vegetables, everyone’s least favorite vegetable (beets), and lots and lots of pumpkins.
Beginning mid-October, our family would haul our pumpkin crop up to the town square and on the vacant corner lot, across the street from “the” gas station, we would sell our pumpkins.
There were still many left for us to each carve our own scary face and light up the porch for Halloween. I’m sure I’ll find my way to the grocery store this week, buy a few token gourds, and make my kids have fun carving them, but until then, we will celebrate the upcoming holiday by indulging in these treats:

Halloween Ghost Brownies

1 brownie mix, made as directed. I baked one mix per 12 regular sized muffin tins for 20 minutes.
Place a large marshmallow on each brownie.
Spoon glaze over the top, covering the marshmallow, leaving a “puddle” at the base. You can make your own glaze or do as I did by shortcutting this step. I heated canned frosting in the microwave until it was glaze consistency.
Once the glaze is nearly set, gently push Mini M&M eyeballs and a mouth into the glaze to make the ghost face. If you wait too long, as I did for some of mine, use a dab of frosting to “glue” the eyes and mouth on.

Let set, and share or scare your friends and neighbors!


  1. Jackie, those are so cute! Are they mini muffins or regular? We may have to make those this year and skip carving the pumpkins!

  2. I used one brownie mix in regular sized muffin tins. I baked them for 20 minutes!

  3. Sorry- 1 mix to 12 regular size tins.