Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chicken Pasta

(Continued journal entry from a year ago- January 2010)
“As I stared at the computer screen, B hollered in at me from his plate of pre-workout pasta at the kitchen counter. “Mom.”
“It was the first home game of the season…just before halftime… I was running a crossing route over the middle…I had double coverage… I didn’t catch it…check out that one.” With that announcement, he followed it with a final bite of pasta, and a “see ya” as he headed off to the gym.
I dug up the tape W made of that game. His camera is less grainy and usually had a little zoom to B. I found the play. I watched it over and over in forward, slow motion and reverse. It looked similar to all the others. He ran a crossing route across the middle. He had double coverage. The pass required a large vertical leap. He couldn’t snag the pass, but was greeted by two defenders. One of which seemed to have his knee collide with B’s left femur. He landed on the ground. He shook it off as he ambled back to the huddle. The last play before the half, he sprinted in seemingly effortless form on a under thrown post pattern. Then off to the locker room with the team at half time.” (To be continued)

I spent a lot of time that afternoon watching that one play, again and again. I was grateful I had made a large vat of the family’s favorite pasta the previous day because the dinner hour quickly came, and I was still watching game tape.

I suppose it appropriate to share our family’s favorite pasta dish. B likes it done low-fat, Y needs it full fat, so often, there are two bowls sitting side-by side on the counter, meeting everyone’s needs.

Chicken Pasta

2 T. butter, melted (can be omitted)
Add :
1 T Good Seasons Italian dressing mix
1 cup chicken broth or water
1 can golden cream of mushroom soup or cream of chicken soup. (98% fat free can be substituted)
8 oz. cream cheese (fat free works great)
1 pound cooked chicken pieces

Whisk together and heat butter, Italian seasoning, chicken broth, canned soup, and cream cheese until smooth. Add cooked chicken pieces. Continue heating until bubbly. Serve over cooked pasta (B prefers whole grain penne).

Before B headed back to college, our family gathered together over a bowl of chicken pasta. It’s one of the few signature dishes that is enjoyed by all five of us.

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