Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tuxedo Cupcakes

Today, I flash back to my freshman year of high school.

Y has had a few opportunities this fall and winter to attend some formal school dances. In our efforts to help him navigate the world of men’s formal attire, we’ve explained to him that he has one responsibility. –He is to not detract from how good his date looks!
He’s taken the advice well and has been fortunate enough to have incredibly good looking dates. The dresses available for these girls are so different than those when I was that age. I grimace at the photo of me in my hideous Homecoming dress from 1983. There is much regret in that selection.
So my advice to Y is “Keep it simple, yet formal.”
Just like these Tuxedo Cupcakes:

Tuxedo Cupcakes

Mix and bake 24 white cupcakes from a boxed mix or your favorite scratch recipe. Let cool completely.
Frost with a Chocolate Ganache.

Chocolate Ganache

1 1/2 cups grated chocolate or chocolate chips
1cup whipping cream
Heat cream and chocolate whisking well, or blend in the food processor.
There is not much difference between a ganache and a glaze. You can play with the amounts of cream:chocolate ratios to thicken it or thin it depending on its purpose.

Garnish with a chocolate dipped strawberry.

I enjoy the entry way photo shoot every time my son has a formal date. The teens- obviously view it as a painful parent pleasing ritual. Despite how much I enjoy the photo opps, I’d rather get a glimpse of my kid bustin-a-move on the dance floor. However, no doubt he would think it unparalleled funny to have watched me try to blend my simple farm girl upbringing with my first pair of high heels and a “fancy” dress.

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